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Keeping it Cozy with Alpaca Knits

Have you experienced the coziness of our alpaca knit accessories? Whether you are bundling up to head to Thursday Night Farmer’s Market, or keeping your ears warm on a day at the beach, alpaca is the best choice for keeping the chill away.

fair trade alpaca knit headband

Softer and warmer than wool, our alpaca accessories come from skilled knitters in Bolivia and Peru. Fair trade knitting allows these artisans to maintain strong home communities, rather than having to relocate to a city to find factory work. The flexibility of the work creates jobs for women who are able to care for their children while still earning income.

photo credit: Andes Gifts

photo credit: Andes Gifts


Zenaida, a knitter with Andes Gifts

Meet Zenaida, a Peruvian knitter for our wholesale partner, Andes Gifts. This is what Zenaida says about her work:  “I am a 21 year old agronomy student from southern Peru. Knitting for Andes Gifts allows me to pay my way through school. My dreams are to improve the agricultural practices in my rural community and to teach other women to knit. There are few job opportunities where we live. Thank you for supporting us.”

Alpaca fiber is incredibly soft, but of course you can’t experience it through these photos. So next time you are in our shop, try on a scarf or a some handwarmers and feel it for yourself!
fair trade alpaca handwarmers

fair trade alpaca handwarmers

fair trade alpaca scarf

fair trade alpaca knit handwarmers

fair trade alpaca scarf

Thank you to Will and Savanah at Cobblestone Productions for these photos!