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In Fair Trade Fashion
Fair Trade Products

By Jenny

Manos Zapotecas: Perpetuating Beautiful Zapotec Weaving Traditions

On 27, Jul 2017 | In Fair Trade Fashion, Fair Trade Products | By Jenny

When it comes to fair trade, it can be difficult to find the right balance between the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) principle of “Respecting Cultural Identity” and creating a product that appeals to a Western audience without appropriating cultural traditions.  Read more…

Forai – Creating Jobs for Refugee & Immigrant Women

HumanKind is working with a new company! Let us introduce to you Forai, or Friends Of Refugees and Immigrants. A bit different from most of our other vendors, who work with artisans in the developing world, Forai is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and works with refugees and immigrants who have moved to the U.S. Read more…

Creating Hope from Legacies of Violence: Jewelry made from War Scrap

What do all of these pieces of jewelry have in common? They are all made from ammunition scrap leftover from war, transforming violent intentions into symbols of peace.

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By Jenny

Recycled Tire Wallet: A Product Review by Assistant Manager Tim Kelly

On 29, Jun 2017 | In Uncategorized | By Jenny

I’ve always tried to move with intention. As Americans we have more options of material goods at our fingertips than anyone ever before. This is a great power, but with great power comes great responsibility. In my life, I have tried to be a conscious consumer. Whether it be the plants I plant in my yard, the materials I surround myself with, or the food I put in my body, I have strived to make healthier more educated choices in my life.

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In Fair Trade Products
HumanKind Vendors

By Jenny

Singing Bowls: An Ancient Buddhist Tradition

On 20, Jun 2017 | In Fair Trade Products, HumanKind Vendors | By Jenny

Do you have any bowls that are not made for eating but instead create beautiful and soothing songs? Tibetan Singing Bowls are unique bowls that are actually a type of standing bell traditionally used in the Buddhist practice as a support for meditation and prayer. Instead of hanging upside down or being attached to a handle, as one typically thinks of a bell, singing bowls are meant to sit with the bottom surface resting on a special cushion or on the floor, though it can also be played while held perched on your fingertips.

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