Stone Drink Cube Set

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These stylish stone drink cubes will keep your favorite drink chilled and not watered down. After at least 24hrs in the fridge just rinse them before use, and in between usage, then pop a few in a beverage and you'll truly have a drink on the rocks.  These are for drinks only, please do not put them in your mouth.

The underprivileged artisans from Karachi who make these drink cubes are part of a cooperative that provides profit sharing, medical benefits, and pension plans. It also provides no interest loans and does not discriminate based on religion or ethnicity.

  • Handmade in Pakistan
  • 6 cubes/set with wooden case
  • Each cube is 1.25 inch x 1.25 inch x 1.25inch
  • Rinse with water only and air dry


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