Reusable Straw Kit

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Reduce your single-use plastics with our reusable straw kit! You know the struggle of drinking an iced coffee without a straw. Reusable straw kits are here for you! Each kit includes a stainless steel draw, and miniature straw cleaner, and a carrying case made from up-cycled Guatemalan fabric. Perfect for stashing in your purse or in your desk drawer at work!

  • 8.5" straw
  • Straw has .25" diameter, a standard size perfect for iced drinks and not-too-thick smoothies.
  • Includes brush cleaner
  • Includes fabric carrying case
  • Each fabric case is unique, so let us choose a color for you! If you would rather choose a specific color, make a note in the order comments and we will email you some photos of our color options so that you can choose for yourself. (Correspondence may delay shipping times.)

Learn more about the need to reduce plastic waste from straws on our blog.

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