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Andes Gifts

Andes Gifts was created to support the women knitters of the Andes Mountains. For generations, Aymara and Quechua women have been perfecting the knitting craft, passing techniques down from grandmother to mother to daughter. Using materials like Alpaca fiber and Merino wool, their Andes Gifts’ knitwear is wonderfully soft, cozy, and naturally-made. 

By working with Andes Gifts, the women have reliable, long term employment. In fact, some have been in partnership with Andes Gifts for over ten years. With a stable income, the Andes women are able to enhance their lives in several different ways. Some invest in community programs, others pay for their children’s education, and some are even able to start their own businesses. We feel confident in the work Andes Gifts is doing because they are a member of the Fair Trade Federation and they believe in putting people over profits. 

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