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HumanKind Rewards

We really love our customers. Your continued support is what keeps us going, whether you visit our shop in person or place your order online. Our Rewards Program is our way of thanking you for supporting us and our network of global makers.

Rewards FAQ


Q. What does it take to sign up for the Rewards Program? Is it free? 

A. It is free! All we need is your name, mobile phone number and email address.


Q. What kinds of rewards will I receive? 

A. You will earn one point for every $2 you spend. You can redeem your points for these reward deals:

50 points for $5 off
100 points for $10 off
200 points for $25 off
500 points for $75 off
1000 points for $150 off


Q. Do my available rewards expire?

A. Your points never expire. You can use them anytime, or save them to redeem for a bigger reward deal.


Q. Do Reward Members receive any special offers for their birthday?

A. Yes! Members who sign up for the rewards program in the store and enter their birthday through the SMS link will receive $10 off on their birthday. This deal expires after 30 days. To enter your birthday, open the link in the text message and tap "Rewards" > "Earn Points" > "Set Birthday." You will also earn an extra 5 points when you enter your birthday.


Q. How do I sign up for the Rewards Program?

A. There are 2 ways to sign up:

  1. Ask about the Rewards Program when you are in the shop. Our team can enroll you at the register.
  2. Create an account on our website. Once you are logged in and looking at your account information, click on “Rewards” to enroll yourself.


Q. If I signed up in the store, can I earn and redeem points online?

A. Yes! Just create an online account using the same email you gave us when we enrolled you in the shop. Signing up for the Rewards Program in the shop does not automatically create an online account for you. You have to set up an online account yourself, but you must use the same email address for your points to sync between our online and in-store systems. Once you have created your account and are logged in, go to your account dashboard and click on “Rewards” to enroll yourself in the online portion of the rewards program.


Q. Do I need to bring anything into the store to redeem my rewards?

A. Nope! We just look up your account in our system and can apply any reward deal to your purchase.


Q. What communications will I receive via SMS or email?

SMS: You will receive a “welcome” message when you sign up. This message contains a link to your account profile. You will also receive a message when you earned enough points to unlock a new reward deal.

Email: All rewards members will be enrolled in our email list and will receive about 4 emails per month from us. You can unsubscribe from these emails and it will not affect your rewards account.


Q. Any other fine print?

EARNING POINTS: Reward points are not earned on the purchase of gift certificates, artwork that is featured for Art After Dark, and some other exclusions may apply.

REDEEMING POINTS IN-STORE: Member must be present to redeem rewards. Only one reward deal can be used per transaction.

RETURNS: If you return an item that was paid for in part using your rewards, your reward deal will not be reinstated on your account. Transactions that have a negative balance (i.e. funds being refunded to you) will earn negative points.

COMMUNICATIONS: By enrolling in our rewards program, you consent to receive communications from HumanKind via email and SMS.

SALES TAX: Reward deals can not be used to cover sales tax.