Article 22


Article 22 partners with artisans in Laos who are creating jewelry from recycled bombs.

  • Aluminum shrapnel is cast in molds to create bracelets and pendants.
  • For decades, metal workers in Laos were recycling shrapnel to make spoons.
  • Article 22 collaborates with these artisans to design and produce jewelry.
  • Article 22 partners with organizations that are working to clear the countryside from unexploded bombs.
  • Member of the Fair Trade Federation, which verifies and monitors fair trade practices


 About the Bombs

  • During the Vietnam War, the US dropped over 200 million tons of bombs on Laos.
  • It is estimated that 30% of the ordinance dropped did not explode.
  • The unexploded ordinance (UXO) still litters the Laotian countryside, and explodes when encountered by civilians.
  • Since the bombing ended in 1973, over 200,000 people have been killed or injured by UXO.
  • Currently, less than 50 people are killed or injured by UXO per year, down from 310 in 2008. About 60% of these accidents are fatal, and 40% of the victims are children.
  • Data source: Legacies of War

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