Asha Handicrafts


Asha's name, meaning hope in Sanskrit, represents its goal of sustaining the marketing ability of individual and family-based artisans.



  • Asha represents over 6,500 artisans in 10 states of India.
  • Asha was established in 1975 by Christian professionals in response to the poverty of artisans, the disappearance of many traditional crafts, and the problem of middlemen taking artisan profits.
  • Artisans benefit from educational assistance for children, medical checkups and treatment, savings programs for artisans and spouses, interest-free loans, nonformal education projects, and relief-related social projects. 
  • Their mission is to provide marketing support to artisans in a sustainable global market and "help them to preserve the art and craft of India."
  • Member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), which verifies and monitors fair trade practices.


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