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BYTAVI clothing is made by a group of sixty women in Cambodia. As believers in quality over quantity, BYTAVI seamstresses carefully hand sew each item from start to finish. She even signs her name on the tag, so you know who made it. We love BYTAVI’s lightweight, flowy fashion, especially because it’s all made from fabric that has been discarded by major garment factories. We love how this both minimizes waste and allows each piece to be truly unique.

BYTAVI aims to counter the unethical practices of major garment factories in Cambodia. As followers of fair trade principles, BYTAVI ensures that seamstresses are paid fairly and provided with comfortable working environments. The women get free lunches and are encouraged to bring their children to work where they can get cared for. What’s more, seamstresses are able to participate in trainings that expand their sewing skills.

BYTAVI is a project of the Center for Global Impact, a faith-based nonprofit that works to support Cambodian women, especially those vulnerable to brothels or other unsafe work.





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