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Divine Chocolate

What makes Divine Chocolate unique? Divine is the only chocolate business in the world that is co-owned by the farmers who grow the cocoa! While the mainstream chocolate industry is known for its disregard for the livelihoods of the farmers, Divine is set out to create greater equity in the industry. “It is Divine’s founding purpose to help farmers gain a share of the wealth they are helping to create, putting them higher up the value chain. In doing so, this creates a supply chain that shares value more equitably and serves as an example of a viable model for how to secure the sustainable future of cocoa and cocoa farming.” (source: Divine Chocolate)

It started in Ghana, with a worker-owned cooperative called Kuapo Kokoo. This group of farmers began with 2000 farmers across 22 villages in Ghana, and is now 100,000 members strong. Not only does Kuapa Kokoo supply all of the cocoa for Divine chocolate bars, this coop owns 45% of the company, giving them a say in how the chocolate is produced and sold.

The motto for Kuapa Kokoo farmers is “pa pa paa,” which means “the best of the best” in the local language of Twi. Each bar of Divine chocolate reflects this commitment quality.

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