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Dunitz Jewelry

Dunitz & Co. jewelry is made by skilled Mayan artisans in Guatemala who specialize in laser cutting, bead stringing, and glass work. Inspired by modern art, nature and culture, the designs we carry range from playful to vintage and are sure to be staple items in your collection. Dunitz & Co. has been partnering with over one-hundred Guatemalan artisans for over thirty years, all the while perfecting styles that will appeal to shoppers around the world. In fact, HumanKind has carried Dunitz & Co. glass and bead items for over a decade, and the timeless designs and styles are still a favorite among our customers.

Dunitz & Co. has been a member of the Fair Trade Federation since 2008. As a member, they ensure that all artisans are paid fairly and promptly, that working conditions are safe and healthy, and that the environment is treated with respect. What’s more, Dunitz & Co. contributes to the artisan’s community by supporting their free library and Hospitalito Atitlan, the only hospital in the region. This way the artisans and the community they live in can thrive.


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