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Fair Anita


Fair Anita is a social enterprise that employs 8,000 women worldwide. They were founded on the belief that all women and girls– no matter their geography– have a right to be valued, respected, and live in safety. To make this vision a reality, Fair Anita pays the women artisans two to four times the minimum wage. They also provide educational scholarships and healthcare. This way, women are able to achieve economic independence and become changemakers for their families and communities. 

Fair Anita says, “where you shop matters and speaks volumes about the kind of world you want to see.”  If you're wondering how to make your mark, take a peek at the Fair Anita jewelry line we carry at Humankind! We especially love their Monstera Stud Earrings which are made in India out of hand painted, recycled brass. These earrings are for plant lovers that enjoy a whimsical design, crave a pop of color, and love making a difference.


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