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Forai, which stands for Friends of Refugees and Immigrants, provides women who have relocated to the US with the support they need to thrive. Often arriving with several barriers to employment– such as limited education, English language skills, and job experience– newcomers struggle to make ends meet. To address this challenge, Forai pairs women with mentors who train them on jewelry making. As artisans, they are able to earn a living wage and provide for their families, all while creating the products we cherish here at HumanKind.

One of our favorite pieces is the Hand Hammered Wrap Ring. Made from sustainably sourced brass and sterling silver, this adjustable ring will make a simple yet elegant addition to your favorite outfit. And we love knowing that something as small as a ring can make such a big difference for the woman who made it.

Forai is a 501c3 nonprofit based in St. Louis, Missori that employs 8-12 women artisans from Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Togo and Kenya.


"Forai is not just about a business, but it's about relationships." - Luzmila, Forai artisan