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Global Mamas


Global Mamas is a tried and true fair trade brand that creates employment and opportunities for over 400 women in Ghana. Through their partnership with Global Mamas, these women– many having already established their own businesses– are able to reach international buyers. In fact, the Mamas are able to earn three times the national minimum wage, which allows them to grow their businesses, purchase land, and educate their children. Each Mama receives personalized, hands-on training to refine their skills and strengthen their capacity to produce better products. The Mamas also receive training in how to manage their growing businesses and personal incomes. 

The Mamas are experts in producing garment, jewelry, and shea butter lotion. For their clothing, the Mamas dye organic cotton using an age-old art form called Bakit. It’s a fabric dyeing technique that involves using wax to resist the dye, thus revealing different patterns and designs. The resulting crackled look is what makes the batik so unique (see their Produce Bags made from recycled flour sacks). The Mamas also use recycled glass window panes to make their jewelry beads (check out our blog to see how they are made!). Finally, using a process that has been passed down through the generations, they make a shea butter lotion from the nuts of the Karite tree.

Global Mamas is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, ensuring fair wages, healthy working conditions and care for the environment. They are also verified by the World Fair Trade Organization, ensuring ethical production at every level.

Meet the Mamas 
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Watch the shea butter production process 

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