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Gry and Sif

The charming creations of Gry & Sif are the combination of Scandinavian design and Nepalese felt craftsmanship. In 2001, a backpacking trip to Nepal and interactions with its warm-hearted people sparked a deep connection with the country. Witnessing the Nepali way of life inspired Danish founders to combine Danish design with the rustic beauty of Nepal, giving rise to Gry & Sif. Each product is meticulously handmade by skilled Nepalese artisans, ensuring its uniqueness, and crafted using pure New Zealand wool.

In 2009, Gry & Sif obtained Fair Trade certification from the World Fair Trade Organization. Gry & Sif employs around 800 women in Nepal, all under the fair trade certified conditions. This includes fair payment, health insurance and flexibility to work from home to care and provide for ones family. Other initiatives include a bike program that offers each artisan a bike for traveling to work to promote healthy people and care for the environment.