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Kahiniwalla x Pebble


Kahiniwalla is a social enterprise that partners with Pebble, a company in Bangladesh, to create ethically made children’s toys, rattles, hats, and blankets. They train and employ over 1,500 artisans, mostly women, who hand make natural, durable, and washable products that can be cherished for years. Soft, charming, and safe for your little one, these items leave out any trims, buttons, or detachable parts that could be a choking hazard. One of our favorite toys is Steggy, the Turquoise Dino Rattle, which ignites a child's imagination to play in a prehistoric world.


Kahiniwalla x Pebble is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, which means artisans get paid a fair and living wage, working conditions are safe, and the planet is cared for. The artisans who work with Pebble live all over Bangladesh, often in remote parts of the country, where resources can be scarce and income unpredictable. Extreme weather and overfishing can disrupt local economies as well, creating a need for alternative sources of income, which is where Kahiniwalla x Pebble steps in. To further support these communities, in 2014 they partnered with ECOFISH, a USAID project that worked with the Department of Fisheries in Bangladesh to protect fish populations.


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