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Kamibashi Asian Arts makes The String Doll Gang, a collection of over 200 fun characters! Each doll is made from a single thread plus a few added details to give it extra special personality. From mythical creatures to historical figures, each member of the String Doll Gang comes with its own special message. For example, the Ruth Bader Ginsberg doll reminds us that "Women belong in all places where decisions are being made." Yes! Some dolls even support causes around the world: The Kamibashi Cares collection donates $1 per doll sold to over 15 different causes.


The String Doll Gang is made by an artisan group in Chiang Mai, Thailand, consisting of mostly women. By partnering with Kamibashi Asian Art, a member of the Fair Trade Federation, artisans are able to make a reliable, living wage, provided with safe working conditions and protect the environment through eco-friendly production. 


Watch how the ballet slipper details are made on stringdoll Grace. 

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