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Growing Paper


Established in 2010, Growing Paper is a South African company crafting handmade paper products that are recyclable, plantable and biodegradable. Each paper product originates from waste paper sourced from local businesses and schools and embedded with seeds that can be planted and grown into flowers, herbs or vegetables. Cards are printed with a unique printing process using inkjet printing and a water based ink. 

Growing Paper aims to create a sustainable product that contributes to the upcycling culture while keeping people are at the center of the business. Providing jobs and living salaries for their team of 40 individuals is an essential part of their value system. Through ongoing training initiatives and life skills workshops, they cultivate personal and professional growth, assigning roles based on individual strengths and enjoyment. Growing Paper also supports local talent by collaborating with South African artists, showcase their designs for the greeting cards.      

Ultimately, Growing Paper's ethos revolves around kindness – to the environment, the community, and the resilient individuals who shape it. Their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility serves as a testament to their dedication to a brighter, greener future.


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