Lucuma Designs


Driven by a mission of spreading beauty and cheer, Lucuma Designs empowers women across Peru by supporting their handicraft production, thereby giving women a stronger voice in their households and communities. 

  • Founded in 1998 and joined the Fair Trade Federation in 1999
  • Lucuma (loo-coo-ma) is named after the sunshine-yellow tropical fruit that is native to the cool highlands of the coastal valleys of Peru; honoring the vibrancy and uniqueness of this exquisite Peruvian fruit as those qualities are reflected in their folk art designs
  • Lucuma Designs represents over 300 artisans across Peru, creating opportunities that empower these artists to help themselves and their communities
  • Over 80% of Lucuma's artisan partners are women
  • Lucuma's collections are made using natural, recycled, and eco-friendly materials and processes whenever possible to protect the health of producers and the environment

Making an Owl Gourd Ornament from Lucuma Designs, LLC on Vimeo.

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