Malia Designs

Since 2005, Malia Designs has been working in Cambodia with a mission, to combat human trafficking.  Malia Designs believes that one of the best ways to accomplish this mission is to increase the economic conditions for the disadvantaged in Cambodia. This decreases their vulnerability to traffickers and helps them to break the cycle of poverty.   To increase economic conditions and fight human trafficking Malia Designs incorporates a three pronged approach.

  • Malia Designs products are made by fair trade producer groups who employ disadvantaged people in Cambodia, primarily women and the disabled.
  • They pair contemporary styles and vibrant designs with quality produced materials sourced locally in Cambodia. This creates a valued product for western markets and the use of upcycled material is good for the environment where the artisans live.
  • Lastly Malia Designs donates to organizations that combat human trafficking in Cambodia as well as the United Sates.
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