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If you walk into our San Luis Obispo shop, you’ll smell Maroma. It’s a line of fragranced home and body care products made from a blend of natural oils and ingredients. We carry their array of scents like rain forest, lotus and cedarwood, and we love the ambiance they create. Good for your skin, Maroma products are phthalate and paraben free. Good for the earth, each product is vegan and made in a wind and solar powered plant.

Maroma artisans live in an experimental township in southern India called Auroville. Founded in 1968, this community has nearly 3,000 residents representing over fifty countries. In unity, they work towards sustainable living, environmental conversation, and the pursuit of spiritual growth and self-discovery. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, artisans are paid a fair and living wage and working conditions are safe. What’s more, 35% of Maroma’s annual profits go back to the community for economic growth and development projects.


Watch the incense making process 

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