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Purpose Jewelry


Purpose Jewelry supports women and girls around the world in achieving the financial security they need to be free from human trafficking. Too often, individuals who have escaped slip back into trafficking because they don’t have alternative paths to income. By learning how to make jewelry that will sell in the global market, newly freed women in India, Uganda, Mexico, the Philippines, and the US are establishing a new way of life. When you purchase a piece from Purpose Jewelry, like the Hamada Earrings, you’re contributing to a story of freedom. We love how each product tag is signed by its maker, a reminder that we’re all connected.

Signed by the maker

Purpose Jewelry is a social enterprise whose entire proceeds go to their partner nonprofit, International Sanctuary. International Sanctuary pays artisans fair wages and provides a safe work environment where they can form community and get access to education and health care. There is a Sanctuary in every city of operation, with the goal of opening a total of ten worldwide.


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