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Rover & Kin


Rover & Kin works hand-in-hand with fair trade artisan groups in South Asia to create beautifully crafted jewelry and handwoven bags. Artisans specialize in techniques such as metal casting,  jewelry electroplating, and hand looming to produce the items we love here at HumanKind. One of the stand out pieces is the Paperclip Chain Necklace. It’s simple yet sophisticated style allows you to go from casual to chic, all the while making a difference with your dollar. 


Rover & Kin is steadfast in honoring both people and the plant. As a social enterprise that aligns itself with Fair Trade Federation standards, Rover & Kin ensures artisans are paid a fair living wage and provided with a healthy work environment. Conscious of their carbon footprint, they have pledged to support Grow Ahead, a nonprofit that develops climate resiliency by supporting small-scale farmers around the world.