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The Fair Shirt Project


The Fair Shirt Project is a clothing brand created to provide men with more options for ethical attire. They bring us a line of classic, expertly made button-ups with long and short sleeve options. Their shirts are soft and lightweight, and made from materials that have been ethically sourced and sustainably made. Their buttons are made out of coconut shells and their fabric is OEKO TEX-certified. This means that water waste, energy, and chemical management are all tracked to ensure environmentally responsible production. Some shirts are made from fabric that has been hand loomed, which keeps the traditional art form alive while conserving energy. Great for your own wardrobe or as a gift, shirts from the Fair Shirt Project are the perfect staple piece.


The Fair Shirt Project prioritizes the wellbeing of the people cutting and sewing their shirts. With today’s fast fashion, garment workers are often devalued. The Fair Shirt Project is all about changing that. They partner with two social enterprises in India, Work+Shelter and Creative Handicrafts, to make the apparel. Both enterprises follow fair-trade practices, offering workers paid training, fair and consistent salaries, opportunity to earn raises and promotions, healthy work facilities, and support for health and education. Work+Shelter even provides regular wellness check-ups and dental screening for all their employees. What could be better than knowing that the shirt you just bought will contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world?


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