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The Fair Shirt Project

The Fair Shirt Project is a growing clothing brand striving to provide men with more options for ethical clothing. Traditionally the garment industry produces garments with little regard for the people who cut and sew nor the impact on the environment.

The Fair Shirt Project cares about the people cutting and sewing their shirts. They work with a social enterprise called Work+Shelter to offer workers paid training, fair and consistent salaries, decent work facilities, support for health, dental and education, as well as the opportunity to earn raises and promotions.  

Along with caring for people, The Fair Shirt Project cares about the environmental impact too. Eco-friendly OEKOTEX-certified fabrics are used, meaning waterwaste, energy and chemical management are tracked. Fabrics are naturally dyed which is not only better for the environment but also the textile worker and the shirt wearer. And coconut shell buttons are used instead of plastic buttons.     

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