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Venture Imports


Venture Imports makes hand-carved Kisii Stone (also known as soapstone) figurines from Kenya. Each piece requires a range of expertise. First, the stone must be mined from the earth and sanded down. Next, it must be carved down into the desired shape, painted, and etched, resulting in a finished product like this one, a heart that says “love.” Many artisans are involved in this complex process. Depending on the size of the order, there can be from one to two hundred artisans working on the production line. Regardless of their role, Venture Imports guarantees that each artisan is treated with dignity and respect.

Venture Imports is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. They ensure that artisans are paid a stable, livable wage and provided with healthy working conditions. They are also intentional about providing work to those who are often under-represented in their fields, particularly women. And since many of the artisan women are mothers, Venture Imports allows them to work from home so that they can earn money while also caring for their children.


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