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Yewo Brand

Tucked away in the mountains of northern Malawi you’ll find YEWO, a small team of skilled artisans who make jewelry by hand. Their designs combine modern and traditional aesthetics to bring us stunning pieces, like the Makola Earrings, made from satin brass and Japanese glass beads. The word “yewo” (pronounced “yay-whoa”) means “thank you” in Tumbuku and captures the ethos of this social enterprise: deep gratitude for the artisans who create the products and for you, the buyer, who contributes to their livelihoods. 


The artisans at YEWO are guaranteed stable employment and robust benefits such as paid days off, annual raises, and a pension savings program. Because of this, every artisan has been able to build a new home using their own capital. What’s more, a portion of YEWO proceeds go towards the Yewo Community Initiative, an education fund that pays the salary of two primary school teachers and provides scholarships for youth who would otherwise not be able to afford schooling. YEWO is also conscious of their environmental footprint; their entire workshop runs on renewable energy and they plant trees annually to encourage reforestation.