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Conscious Step


When you buy a pair of socks from Conscious Step, you are supporting a cause you believe in. Each sock is designed with a specific issue in mind, so you can keep your footsies looking stylish all while making a difference in the world. The socks we carry support causes that protect people, animals, and the planet—for every sale, $1 is donated to the benefiting organization. They are made from ethically sourced cotton that is certified organic by Global Organic Textile Standard and certified fair trade by Fairtrade International. All products are manufactured in India. 


Over the years, Conscious Step has donated thousands of dollars to worthy causes. In 2021 alone, they contributed nearly $100,000 to the Best Friends Animal Society, over $60,000 to the Trevor Fund, and over $136,000 to Conservation International. And that’s just a fraction of their impact.

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