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Ethic Goods


ETHICGOODS believes that fashion can empower. Their jewelry collections are made by women in South East Asia who have escaped from, or are at risk of entering, human trafficking. Through employment with ETHICGOODS, the women artisans are provided with a pathway to economic security in a safe and healthy working environment. “Through wearing ETHICGOODS,” the founders say, “you become a meaningful part of her story, and give freedom to women around the world.”

We are proud to carry their Morse Code collection, where every piece of jewelry has a meaning behind it. The collection uses beads or stones to spell out words in morse code like “peace,” “hope,” and “journey,” representing the resilience and spirit of the women making each item. One of our favorites is their Morse Code “Strength” Bracelet, as it reminds us that each individual has their own unique inner strength to draw from. 

ETHICGOODS is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. They are committed to paying fair wages, ensuring healthy working conditions, and cultivating environmental stewardship to take care of the planet. In addition to providing employment, Ethic Goods also works to strengthen artisan families and communities by partnering with  nonprofit organizations that offer holistic services like counseling, education, and healthcare.

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