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Marquet is a fair trade brand that collaborates with artisans in Thailand and Vietnam to hand make accessories, gifts, and home decor. We carry their line of shawls that have been handmade by Binh Minh (which means “morning sun”), an artisan collective of twenty families living in Northern Vietnam. The yarn they use is spun from a 50/50 blend of Vietnamese cotton and silk and hand-dyed with rich colors, such as this Adriatic blue. Once dyed, the yarn is then woven on one of the collective’s twenty-five looms to make the finished look. By partnering with Marquest, these artisans are able to expand their business and increase their income.

Marquet is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and follows their nine principles. This includes providing a liveable, reliable wage to every artisan; ensuring safe working conditions without child labor; and operating in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.