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Mira Fair Trade


Mira Fair Trade wants to bring back the experience of walking through an Indian marketplace, touching handcrafted items, and meeting the person who made them. And in a world where so much is mass produced, we love that our customers can come into HumanKind and feel a personal connection to their products, which are all uniquely made in India. You may have heard the charming sound of their Blossom Bird Chime when you walk through our doors. Or maybe you bought a Solo Mini Bell to cheer up your room. Whichever treasure you find, you know it will have a story to tell.


Mira, which was founded in 2008, is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Its goal is to help their skilled artisans in India– many of whom are women and the economically disadvantaged– obtain financial security and economic independence. In addition to providing a fair and living wage, Mira also contributes to various community development projects for a long-lasting impact.

Making a copper bell