Inspired by the Spanish tradition of lingering around the table to savor the conversation and company of others after a meal, Sobremesa, literally meaning "over the table," creates environmentally sustainable items that make life (and the kitchen) a little more beautiful.

  • Sobremesa is a division of Greenheart International, a Chicago-based organization with the mission of connecting people and the planet guided by a vision of a united and flourishing global family 
  • Sobremesa celebrates the traditional methods used to create their goods and each product is designed to empower the artisans, strengthen their community, and sustain the environment
  • Sobremesa's handcarved Higuerilla wooden bowls are made in the Yanesh community of Peru using sustainably sourced wood from managed forests in the Amazon that are evaluated for compliance with local laws, respect for indigenous peoples, and the safety and rights of forest workers
  • Sobremesa's handcarved cutting boards are made from Caro Caro wood in Guatemala
  • Sobremesa's woven towels are made in a small family-owned workshop in Antigua, Guatemala established by four bothers who have worked for 25 years to preserve a weaving method passed down through generations by creating handmade textiles using a treadle foot loom
  • This weaving workshop is named after a popular Guatemalan drum, 'El Tun,' because of the rhythmic beating of the loom while the artisans work

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