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Worldfinds collaborates with over seven hundred women artisans in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh to create original, handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Some of their most admired products come from their Kantha jewelry line. Kantha is the traditional technique of taking worn sari fabric and repurposing it into a quilt using a distinctive running stitch. For items like the Kantha Rainbow Spiral Bracelet, artisans will take the Kantha fabric, fashion it around wooden beads made from discarded furniture, and put the beads together into a modern design. 

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Worldfinds ensures that artisans are paid a fair wage, work in healthy environments, and use production methods that are eco-conscious. With additional proceeds, Worldfinds has been able to contribute to various initiatives: they’ve established a Girls Education Fund, supported the building of a tailor training center in India, and more recently, they’ve donated to Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.



How is Jewelry Made from Recycled Saris?

Worn cotton saris in India are repurposed into quilts, creating a traditional textile called "kantha."  With the distinctive running stitch pattern, the saris are given a second life. Scraps from these quilts are then used by WorldFinds artisans to make jewelry! Each bead starts with a scrap of wood salvaged from a local furniture factory. Once the wood beads are wrapped in colorful kantha fabric, they are ready to be transformed into necklaces, earrings and bracelets! Click here to learn more on our blog.