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In Artisans
Human Rights
HumanKind Vendors

By LynAnne Wiest

Empowering Women Cocoa Farmers in Ghana

On 16, Oct 2017 | In Artisans, Human Rights, HumanKind Vendors | By LynAnne Wiest

Cocoa farming in Africa has largely been considered men’s work, despite the contribution of women in the process. Our chocolate supplier, Divine, is working to give women equal opportunities and  income in chocolate the farming community.

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The Moon Bag: A Product Review

On 30, Sep 2017 | In Fair Trade Fashion, Fair Trade Products, Product Review, San Luis Obispo, Travel | By LynAnne Wiest

Once you turn 30, it is time to be a grown-up woman and buy a real purse. At least, that is what I have been told. I crossed the 30-year milestone this summer, and the universe was telling me it was time to retire that freebie tote bag I had been using to haul my stuff for the past few years. My friends told me it was looking shabby, but I said it was simply “well loved.” In spite of my resistance, I knew they were right.

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In Artisans

By Jenny

Artisan Spotlight: Manos Zapotecas Weaver Lupita Lazo

On 29, Sep 2017 | In Artisans | By Jenny

Fair trade is about developing transparent and accountable relationships with artisan producers. This means that, if problems arise, fair trade companies work with their artisans and other organizations when necessary to find suitable solutions. Manos Zapotecas is an excellent example of a company that was built on the sentiment that commerce can and should change artisans lives for the better. Manos Zapotecas has demonstrated that they not only talk the talk, but they walk the walk, too. Here is the story of one of their long-time weavers, Lupita Lazo.

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Kenyan Jewelry: Providing Jobs for Disabled Men and Women

In Kenya, unemployment rates for the deaf are as high as 85%, as the deaf are generally considered to be unsuited for work. This discrimination is heightened against deaf women, who are often mistreated by their spouses or families.

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In Fair Trade Fashion
Fair Trade Products

By Jenny

Manos Zapotecas: Perpetuating Beautiful Zapotec Weaving Traditions

On 27, Jul 2017 | In Fair Trade Fashion, Fair Trade Products | By Jenny

When it comes to fair trade, it can be difficult to find the right balance between the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) principle of “Respecting Cultural Identity” and creating a product that appeals to a Western audience without appropriating cultural traditions.  Read more…