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In Fair Trade Products
HumanKind Vendors

By Jenny

Singing Bowls: An Ancient Buddhist Tradition

On 20, Jun 2017 | In Fair Trade Products, HumanKind Vendors | By Jenny

Do you have any bowls that are not made for eating but instead create beautiful and soothing songs? Tibetan Singing Bowls are unique bowls that are actually a type of standing bell traditionally used in the Buddhist practice as a support for meditation and prayer. Instead of hanging upside down or being attached to a handle, as one typically thinks of a bell, singing bowls are meant to sit with the bottom surface resting on a special cushion or on the floor, though it can also be played while held perched on your fingertips.

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Resourceful Kantha Crafts from Recycled Saris

On 07, Jun 2017 | In Artisans, Fair Trade Fashion, Fair Trade Products | By Jenny

Kantha, or “patched cloth,” is an embroidery tradition coming from countries such as India and Bangladesh in the Bengal region of South Asia. Kantha refers to both the tradition and the actual stitch involved in producing unique quilted blankets out of worn cotton saris, sewn together with a distinctive running stitch that covers the entire quilt. Kantha blankets can have anywhere from around 3 to 7 layers of saris, resulting in varying levels of thickness and warmth.

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In Artisans
Fair Trade Products

By Jenny

Transforming Women’s Lives with Recycled Saris

On 30, May 2017 | In Artisans, Fair Trade Products | By Jenny

Sari: a garment consisting of a lengths of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women from South Asia. Saris have been present in Indian culture and imagery for thousands of years. Hindu goddesses of beauty, knowledge, and power are depicted draped in the colorful garments, and women throughout India wear saris for many occasions. Upcycling saris reincarnates these beautiful fabrics into eco-chic jewelry, blankets, and home decor while empowering women artisans to build sustainable livelihoods and communities.

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In Events
Fair Trade Fashion
Human Rights

By LynAnne Wiest

Creating an Ethical Wardrobe: Start by Asking Questions

On 23, Apr 2017 | In Events, Fair Trade Fashion, Human Rights | By LynAnne Wiest

Are you looking to create a more ethical wardrobe? It can be overwhelming, right? Should I buy organic cotton? Bamboo? Fair Trade Certified? What about locally made clothes? And how can I ensure that every step of the garment-creating process is ethical, from farming, to weaving, dying, and stitching?

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Empowering Women on International Women’s Day

On 28, Feb 2017 | In Artisans, Events, Fair Trade News, Human Rights, HumanKind News, HumanKind Vendors | By HumanKind Fair Trade

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are asking you to join us on Wednesday, March 8th to contribute to our efforts to create new opportunities for women, both locally and internationally. You already know that purchasing at HumanKind supports women artisans in developing countries. On March 8, 100% of our profits that day will be donated to the Women’s Legacy Fund, a fund of The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County.

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