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Cultivating Conscious Consumerism: A Blog by HumanKind

Batiking in Ghana

Batiking in Ghana I have been reminiscing about my trip to Ghana with Global Mamas in January 2019. Being one who loves all things crafty, my favorite day of the trip was the day of the batik workshop.

Q&A with Fair Trade Jewelry Designers

Q&A with Fair Trade Jewelry Designers Ever wonder what it is like to work with a fair trade fashion brand? Let us introduce you to two women who are doing this incredible work. Jess Bowen and Gladys Adimir work for Global Mamas, a fair trade non-profit working in Ghana for 15 years. Jess, a “Sales and Marketing Manager with a side of Jewelry Design,” is based in the USA. Gladys is the General Manager of Global Mamas’ Krobo location in Ghana.

The Search for Ethical Leather

The Search for Ethical Leather With increasing amounts of people going vegan, “vegan leather” has become a buzzword in the fashion industry as of late--but what even is it? Is vegan leather really better for the environment, animals, and humans? Are there ethical ways to source real leather? There are a myriad of products on the market and though there is no perfect option, each type of leather has its pros and cons and we want to lay it all out and let you be the judge of what is best for you!