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The Search for Ethical Leather

The Search for Ethical Leather With increasing amounts of people going vegan, “vegan leather” has become a buzzword in the fashion industry as of late--but what even is it? Is vegan leather really better for the environment, animals, and humans? Are there ethical ways to source real leather? There are a myriad of products on the market and though there is no perfect option, each type of leather has its pros and cons and we want to lay it all out and let you be the judge of what is best for you!

How it is Made: Recycled Glass Jewelry

How it is Made: Recycled Glass Jewelry Last January, I traveled to Ghana to visit the artisans who work with the non-profit Global Mamas. We spent a day with the bead makers in Krobo just a couple of hours outside of Accra, the capital. As we watched them work, I was blown away by the process! What begins as a sheet of plain glass gets transformed into colorful beaded jewelry!