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"I Made This Dress"

"I Made This Dress"

It is impossible to keep from smiling when watching this video!

When you buy a dress at HumanKind, you know that it is handmade by a real person who is earning fair income. But you don't always get to see her smiling face. This video from our friends at Mata Traders give you a window into her world.


Just try to watch this without smiling. 



  1. HumanKind Staff HumanKind Staff

    Bev, we love being able to share videos like this with you! Thank you for your support!

  2. Bev Shaw Bev Shaw

    The women look so healthy and happy, which to me shows that they work in humane conditions and feel positive about their contributions to the world market place. That makes me feel good about purchasing items from HumanKind.

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