Good Paper

Good Paper's mission is to restore humanity and beauty to the lives of all of us whom are forgotten and cast aside.   Their mission starts with their work in the Philippines and Rwanda.  In the Philippines they work to help women who have escaped sex trafficking.   Whether by layering pieces of recycled paper or by working with a traditional letterpress, these women learn the art form of card making.  They learn to find confidence in their new found artistry and that what they create has value. 

Good Paper also works in Rwanda to help people who have been orphaned by the genocide that devastated the county in the 1990s or those orphaned by the HIV epidemic that plaque the country today.  By learning this hand crafted card making, these artisan learn their self worth and built confidence in their new found art form.

 With the help of Good Paper these new artisans earn a living wage so that they may heal and support their own families. 

Finally Good Papers mission ends when you buy one of their beautiful creations and give it to a loved one. Let someone special in your life know you are thinking of them and that sometimes it's the small things that can change lives and the world.

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