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For years SERRV International has brought HumanKind some of our signature items. You may have seen our hand-stitched Kantha quilts made out of recycled saris in India or the flavorful spice blends from South Africa, which include Braai Salt, Moroccan Harissa, and Swahili Lemon Pepper. All of these items (and many more gems) are sustainably made and brought to you by SERRV, one of the world’s first fair trade organizations.

SERRV began their work in 1949 after the Second World War by helping displaced European refugees sell handcrafts for income. Today, SERRV has developed partnerships with small-scale artisans and farmers in 24 countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They are passionate about preserving the traditional art of handcrafting and each item is unique to its region.

We love SERRV because they invest in their partners long-term and pay them in advance (50% upon order and 50% upon shipment). Plus they support their partner’s communities through workshops, healthcare and education initiatives, and natural disaster relief. We always feel good carrying their products and our customers love knowing that their purchase is making a deep impact.

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