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A Card is Worth a Thousand Texts

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A Card is Worth a Thousand Texts

Inexpensive way to make your loved ones feel special? Check!
Company that supports a great cause? Check!
Environmentally responsible materials? Check!

What more could you want out of your next purchase?

Good Paper extends the impact of your cards beyond giving to your loved ones.


Good Paper embodies their mantra of “Beautiful Cards, Better Lives” in a variety of ways, but most notably through the impact that they have on the lives of their cardmakers.


Good Paper cards are handcrafted by women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines and young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda. While these topics sound dark, and they are, Good Paper helps individuals who have gone through terrible hardships and provides them with the opportunity to pursue financial independence. Going beyond earning fair wages, creating greeting cards enables the cardmaker to provide a complete stranger with a colorful piece of lighthearted art that undoubtedly brings joy!

 Good Paper printing press


These cards are entirely handcrafted - even down to the handmade paper that the cards are printed on, which you can see above. Good Paper's processes allow for them to be considered a fair trade product, which aligns directly with HumanKind’s values. Beyond the cards themselves, each of their cardmakers have backgrounds that make the cards even more meaningful. A great example of this is Florence’s story which you can read about at the end of this page. 


In terms of the greeting card industry in general, it is doing much better than expected in the age of technology. BBC stated that the greeting card industry had a 3% increase in revenue last year, which is definitely notable for such a mature industry. This fact is fabulous for the women and youth behind Good Paper as they will likely continue to grow as well. Additionally, BBC notes that millennials and younger people are buying “fancier specialty cards, often with personal touches” which makes perfect sense. In the digital age we live in, it is quick and easy to send a text or email. Even so, while a kind text is always appreciated, you cannot stuff a text into your memories box and reminisce on it for decades to come.


Florence the cardmaker

"Florence was her family's only survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. She's grateful for Good Paper and the Cards from Africa line. 'Not only do we have enough for today, but we have enough for tomorrow. Now, I don't just want enough to survive, but I want to have a brighter tomorrow.'"


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