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Ganesh Himal


We hope you enjoy our collection from Ganesh Himal Trading. They bring some of HumanKind’s best sellers, like the Felt Ball Garlands you see hanging around the store and the jean-style jacket so many people have admired. Each shipment we receive from Ganesh Himal feels like an invitation to visit Nepal, where each item is handmade with care.

The idea of Ganesh Himal started in 1984 as a sweater sale between a family of Tibetan refugees and a family of American travelers. But the operation grew and in the early nineties they became a member of the newly formed Fair Trade Federation

Today, Ganesh Himal Trading partners with 18 producer groups who, in turn, employ hundreds of Nepali artisans. They continue to hold tight to their mission, which is to pay skilled artisans fair wages so that they can build the lives they want and deserve. They even started the Conscious Connections Foundation– which supports infrastructure development, improves access to education, and provides rural health care– to extend their impact beyond fair trade.



Maker Spotlight: Sadle Tailors

Sadle Tailors, one of Ganesh Himal’s producer groups, makes much of the apparel you see in our store. We appreciate how the tailors use handwoven fabrics and eco-friendly materials, like recycled saris and natural wool, to make clothes with stylish textures and patterns. Sadle Tailors is committed to ensuring equity within their team.