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  • dZi Sacred Mantra Singing Bowl
  • dZi Sacred Mantra Singing Bowl
  • dZi Sacred Mantra Singing Bowl

Sacred Mantra Singing Bowl

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Meditate to the harmony of this singing bowl designed with an Om symbol in the interior and the sacred Mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, wrapping the exterior. Playing this bowl will produce a powerful and harmonic sound bath.

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Singing bowls are a traditional component of Tibetan Buddhism where they are used in meditation practices. When struck with a wooden mallet, the bowls make a beautiful soothing sound. To play your bowl, run the mallet around the outer edge of the bowl with constant speed and pressure. The bowl will begin to vibrate to produce the sound.

  • Hand-cast singing bowl
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • 7" diameter
  • Includes wood and leather striker

dZi has worked with singing bowl markers since 1990. As the three decade long partnership continues, dZi is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Himalayan artisans and their communities through the development of their traditional crafts and providing access to markets. 


A Basic Technique for Playing a Singing Bowl from dZi

Lightly tap the exterior rim with the striker to initiate a vibration. Lay the side of the striker against the bowl’s outer edge just below the rim, and begin to move it around the bowl, firmly, slowly and with a steady even motion.

Be conscious of the angle of the striker against the bowl as you go around. Try to make sure the striker is getting a good and steady ‘pull’ against the outer face of the bowl.

Concentrate on maintaining a steady and even pace and pressure as you move the striker around the bowl. Soon enough the intensive energy that went into making the bowl will be summoned forth and begin to grow.

Note how the quality of the sound is affected when moving slower or faster, and with more or less pressure. Find the appropriate speed and pressure to intensify and maximize the bowl’s song.

Let the vibration that extends from the bowl move into your body, and envision it stimulating your spiritual energy, connecting you with the artisans and elements they wrestled with to create this fine work of art.

Maintaining your focus on the vibration and sound can help to develop your powers of concentration, and the effectiveness of your meditation practice. Once you stop playing, keep your mind focused on the sound as it slowly diminishes, and try to keep your mind empty of thoughts by resting in the remnants of the bowl’s song.

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