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Cultivating Conscious Consumerism: A Blog by HumanKind

Activists and Advocates: SLOcals Making a Difference

Activists and Advocates: SLOcals Making a Difference Some might even call them “SLOlebrities.” They are the people you see advocating for important issues on the news, the faces of the organizations they lead, and the folks you just always seem to run into at coffee shops downtown. We recently took some time to get to know these people who are working to create positive change in our town. Whether fighting climate change, caring for vulnerable animals, or creating a more inclusive business environment, we are inspired by these people who are passionate about acting out their values and making San Luis Obispo a better place.

The Thrift Shift

The Thrift Shift You may have seen news reports that the Marie Kondo tidying up craze has at time overwhelmed thrift stores with donations. But I recently reached out to a few of our local non-profit thrift stores and each manager told me “please pass on that we value our donors and we want their donations!”